Here are photos of the pennant I have attached to the peak and the method I use to attach it.

pennant.jpg (4634 bytes)

The pennant is stapled to a 2 1/2 foot long oak banister piece.   I found this in Home Depot or Lowe's, and it has a "nipple" at the bottom and is just flat at the top.  The center pole inside my pavalino has a spike in the top that sticks out approximately 6 inches, and this goes through the hole at the top of the pavalino.  See the photos below.

spike&pennant2.jpg (15155 bytes)     centerspike.jpg (19808 bytes)

This shows the center pole with spike, and the banister
piece, with the pennant attached.  I screwed a wooden
ball to the top of the banister piece. 



This shows the "nipple" in the bottom of the bannister
piece, and the hole I drilled (approx 6 inches deep)
for the spike. 

I have found that the "nipple" sits perfectly down inside the canvas/nylon ring at the top of the pavalino, and I stapled the pennant to the banister piece so that it would not slide down, but stay in place and flutter in a breeze.  If you don't understand about the ring at the top, click here to see a photo or go read the construction details page.

The spike is simply a very big nail (approximately 12 inches) with the head cut off and the point blunted.  I simply drilled a hole in the top of my centerpole and inserted the nail-spike, point up. 

For my daughter's pavalino, I have a similar spike in the top of the centerpole, but she has a "golden hart" at the top.  This was the inspiration of Master Dafydd ap Gwystl, who grabbed the paper mac hart off his shelf.  We cut out an oval out of plywood, and after securely gluing the hart to the plywood oval, we drilled the hole for the spike and a can of gold spray paint took care of the rest.

spikedeer.jpg (20711 bytes)

The pennants I have attached to the top of my 15 x 18 pavilion are done differently.  The two center poles support a ridge pole, and I wanted something that would secure the ridge pole, while also providing a pole for pennants to fly from.   I took two turned short little legs (or soemthing similar) I found at Lowe's and two pieces of rod about 30" or 36" long. 

I drilled the legs as deep as I could, stained them and then shoved in the rod.  I have tied on my pennants, and have two of the item below.

pavilspike2.jpg (20026 bytes)

The rod sticks out about 16 inches, and I have a hole drilled into the tops of my center poles and drilled through my ridge pole.  When I set up the pavilion, I put the banner piece rods down through the grommets (from the top/outside) and let them hang.  Then when I am ready to attach the ridge pole and erect the center poles, I simply put the rod through the ridge and into the holes in the tops of the center poles and erect the center poles.  With this method, there is no way the ridge will ever fall off the center poles, and I have pennants on top of my pavilion.

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