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The pages here are primarily devoted to circular (hub-n-spoke) pavilions. You will find a wealth of information, with medieval examples, detailed instructions on how to sew/make one yourself, and decorating information.   

Here are some examples of tents that have been made using the information on these pages. For the larger picture, click on the reduced images below

My current pavilion with 7 ft spokes and the new design

A design done by Sir William of Richwood

A nice design by a couple in the UK

A terrific decoration
example by Lady Keara Raven

New Pavilino decoration

House Greydragon has sewn several different sizes of "pavilinos" (hub-n-spoke pavilions), based on the design of and article by Master Dafydd ap Gwystl, of Atlantia.  Below are links to various pages showing steps of construction and sewing, along with additional useful details. If you wish to construct a tent yourself, it is recommended that you read both Dafydd's original article, and the updated article by Lady Sorcha.


For the larger picture, click on the reduced images below

A pavilion design by some friends in the UK

Exterior of the old pavilino

Close up of
motto painted
on flaps

A better picture of the desgin
by Sir William of Richwood

Robert & Genevieve decoration
pavilion1.jpg (12613 bytes) th_stake_loop.jpg (4574 bytes) th_toggle_detail.jpg (2473 bytes)

th_polesleeves2.jpg (2478 bytes)

Interior of pavalino
showing hub and lantern

Details of stake

Detail of closing

Details of the pole
sleeves showing hub rest


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