Here are photos I took of the pavilino set up on a slope.

I was asked some questions about the effect of setting a pavilino up on a slope.  Important questions like
1) Would the center pole still be vertical? 

2) What impact would that have on the walls and their position on the ground?

At a recent event, the only place to set up was on a slope.  So I set up the pavilino (in the normal manner) and took a look.  The center pole was at an angle (not vertical) and this seemed to be the best location.  When I moved the center pole to a position "more" vertical, it had an interesting effect.   The walls on the downhill side were closer to the center pole and the up hill walls were further away.  I could not get the center pole completely vertical, but found I really didn't want to because I didn't such a weird shape to the tent.  I was most content to leave the center pole at an angle ( mostly perpendicular to the ground with a slight correction toward vertical) and then move the three upper most stakes to tighten up the uphill side of the tent (which also gave the center pole a slight vertical correction by moving the top instead of the bottom).

I tried to take photos from the same spot and have provided shots of the uphill slope (side by side) and of the downhill slope (also side by side).  At the bottom are the complete shots of the pavilino, both before corrections and after.

Front slope of tent - loose

Front slope of tent - tight

Notice the droop in the slope of the tent and the
position of the stake furthest left in this picture.

I move three of the stakes and tightened
the "uphill" edge.
Notice how much further to the left the stake is
in this picture

back slope of tent - loose

back slope of tent - tight

Again notice the sag and droop in the wall
of the tent, and how much of the gothic arches
painted on the roof you can see.

After moving the three stakes on the uphill side,
notice how much tighter the walls are and how
much less of the roof arches you can see.


Pavilino on a slope - loose

The complete shot of the pavilino on the slope before making adjustments.

slope-tight.jpg (53058 bytes)

The pavilino after making the corrections.

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