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Many people ask about various forms for IKBG competitions, such as entry forms, etc...  This page should answer all those questions.

Forms FAQ:

I brew with my best friend, but your entry form only allows for one name.  How can we both get credit for our entry?
Although the IKBG doesn't really care what name you use on your entry, we enter that name in the database.  If you and your friend only want to get comments on your entries and learn what things you can do to improve your beverages, then use a household name or some other name you both like.   However, if you both want to become Masters within the IKBG then you must each start brewing your own beverages.  Although you may always brew together, one of you is doing the mental "heavy lifting" in terms of deciding what to brew; what recipe(s) to use; what recipe modifications or adjustments you make; what malts - hops - honey - spices - fruits - or other ingredients to use; etc.  The IKBG expects masters to participate in the guild, to be able to competently judge entries, and have some of the first hand skill to share with other brewers. It becomes really difficult to evaluate that when two people "brew together" because the reality is that it is very rarely truly equal.  Therefore, the IKBG policy is each entry has one "brewer" (even thought that can be a household name, made-up name, or whatever).  Only one brewer gets credit for any given entry.


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Last update: 25 Jul 2006